You may remember that back in May, I got a call to say that my time had come  to become an  after a lengthy wait on the waiting list. I was offered a quarter plot which was just a little overgrown and since that day the allotment has come a long way.  Today’s harvest was easily the best yet.

The Nero di Toscano has grown well alongside my other Brassica’s, the Courgette’s have been unstoppable (no surprise there then) and the beans have grown amazingly well this year.  I have eaten more beans than I think I’ve eaten in my whole life combined. Some of my favourites have been Runner Bean ‘St George’ with its red and white flowers, Broad Bean ‘Bunyard’s Exhibition’ and French Bean ‘Purple Queen’.  The latter is an amazing bean that has gorgeous purple flowers and pods that are almost black . Upon boiling the beans magically transform and become green as per your standard French Bean. I couldn’t help but think that if there is a way to get kids interested in vegetables and cooking then this little bean may have what it takes.  It certainly entertained me.

Besides the obvious vegetable excitement you may have noticed a new addition to the harvest?  That’s right, one of my new girls laid an egg today and I’m hoping that the other two will follow suit shortly so that I can make something substantial.

The Speckledy hen above is the one that is the most likely to have laid the first egg as she is supposed to lay brown speckled eggs, the Cotswold Legbar (the brown hen above with the great hair do) is likely to lay a blue/green egg and the Copper Black Marans below should lay quite a dark brown egg.  Only time will tell but I cannot convey how excited I was to find the first egg today!

French Bean
French Bean

The small but perfectly formed egg was put to good use and helped to make today’s Yorkshire puddings (pictured below) and besides the obvious benefit of keeping hens I’m learning that they make for great company. They have great personalities, dispose of pretty much anything, including waste from the plot or from the kitchen and they are sure to increase the fertility of my compost.

Gardening will definitely be more interesting from here on in and I’m looking forward to my first  omelette!