The nature is not canceling to surprise us with its deep secrets. There are over 100 plants in the European flora with caring and remedial effects on the face skin.One of these is the Wild pansy (Viola Tricolor), a plant with fragile little flower, yellow-violet colored. Viola Tricolor is a very efficient plant, treating the majority problems of your face skin because of its antitoxic therapeutic activity. The specialists especially recommend it to people who’re dealing with greasy, acne, easy irritable skin, having an allergic sensibility or premature signs of aging.

The cosmetic treatment with Wild pansy consists of a combined infusion. You have to macerate 3-4 plant spoons in ½ l of water for 8-10 hours then filter. Keep apart the extract and boil the already used plant in another ½ l of water for 5 minutes then filter this one and let it cool. Finally mix it with the wild pansy tea prepared before. Thus you’ll obtain about one l of Viola Tricolor combined infusion which has to be drunk during a day. The treatment lasts minimum 30 days.

Against acne and facial skin infections is fighting the Birthwort (Aristolochia clematitis) and Comfrey (Symphytum officinale). Make the following face mask and you’ll definitely save your face from acne. Grind Birthwort leaves and Comfrey root (gathered just before blooming) as fine as can. Put 2 spoons of each so obtained plant powder in a bowl and mix them with lukewarm water till you’ll get a paste. It’s using as a face mask. Cover your face with thin gauze and spread the paste over the affected areas of your face and keep it there for minimum one hour. Repeat it daily till the complete healing.

During winter or not just, you’ll take care of your dry and cold intolerant face skin with homemade Lemon Balm oil. The Lemon Balm is scientific called Melissa officinalis, a perennial herb with the leaves having a gentle lemon scent, related to mint. How could prepare the Lemon Balm oil? It’s easy and the oil has hydrating properties. Macerate 15 spoon of Lemon Balm powder (therefore, before grind the leaves) in ½ l of olive oil in a tight jar, for 2 weeks. After that, filter the acquired oil and remove the liquid in a dark colored glass. Hydrate your skin face with Melissa officinalis oil twice a day (at morning and evening) or before to get out when it’s cold.

You can remove the sebum excess and the dilated pores using the Garden sage vinegar. The Garden sage (Salvia officinalis) is an evergreen shrub native to southern Europe and the Mediterranean region. Macerate 3.5274 oz honey and 5.2911 oz cut into pieces Garden sage leaves in one l of common vinegar for 2 weeks then filter. Clean your face every morning and evening with the Garden sage vinegar.